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.surf Domain Name Registration

.Surf domain name for everyone who loves to surf

While surfing is thought to date back to the native people of the pacific, there are examples of animals throughout time utilisiing a variety of floating materials to "surf" on waves. Experts agree that whales most likely took to the oceans permanently due to a love of the surf.

Modern day surfing takes on a number of forms - if you surf standing up there is long boarding, short boarding, stand up paddle surfing and kite surfing. For others there is body boarding, and body surfing - which does away with boards altogether.

Whether you surf yourself, design and make surf boards, organise surf competitions, run surf schools or just love the surf, catch the new TLD wave and get .SURF with Crazy Domains.

  • .SURF is for anyone organising or promoting surf competitions.
  • .SURF is for everyone making or selling surfboards or other related surf equipment.
  • .SURF is for surf schools and camps around the world.
  • .SURF is the domain name for anyone who loves surfing.