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.surgery Domain Name Registration

.Surgery domain name for surgeons and surgeries

Surgery dates back at least 9000 years, and predates doctors or any sophisticated medical knowledge.

While today the line between doctors and surgeons can sometimes be unclear, the distinction between one who diagnoses illness and one who performs surgery is still an important one.

Surgery isn't only the act of operating, however - a doctor or dentist's medical facility is also referred to as a surgery, as is the actual operating theater in a hospital.

It is probably after the latter that in some places a politician's individual meeting with their constituents are called surgeries, and some tech companies choose to have surgeries, drop in clinics for customers to get help and advice.

Whatever surgery is right for you, get your .SURGERY web domain from Crazy Domains.

  • .SURGERY is the procedure for treating patients with an operation.
  • .SURGERY is a medical facility in which a doctor or dentist treats patients.
  • .SURGERY is a drop in clinic in politics and in technology, where people are given one on one meetings to ask questions and get help.