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.toys Domain Name Registration

.Toys domain for everyone involved in making or selling toys

There's no getting around it: toys are big business.

In the Western world, the money spent on toys at Christmas is bigger every year - and a savvy shopper knows to pick out what they want early in the year with toy sales.

Toys aren't just for Christmas - they aren't even just for children. Pet toys are big business, whether they are catnip mice for kittens, tug-of-war rope toys for dogs, or toy cats to terrify your budgie.

Adults are also a growing market for toys - and not just for "adult" toys, but fiendishly difficult Transformers and billion-piece jigsaws make great toys for grown ups.

Whether you make toys by hand, own a toy making factory, or have the best priced toys around in your shop, don't toy with our feelings - get your .TOYS web domain from Crazy Domains.

  • .TOYS is for toy makers, big and small, industrial or hand made.
  • .TOYS is for everyone selling the best toys and competitive prices.
  • .TOYS aren't just for children, this domain also applies to toys for grown ups and pet toys.