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.vision Domain Name Registration

.Vision domain name for everything connected to sight

Vision is one of the most important yet under-estimated senses that we possess. While Superman had the advantages of heat vision and X-ray vision, and had to hope not to get them mixed up when he was under pressure to perform, humans are content to have 20:20 vision and a pair of x-ray specs from a joke shop. Our vision isn't limited to just this, however we can have a vision for the future (and some people say they have actual visions of the future), or just visualise something in our mind's eye.

.VISION will tell your visitors that you can see what they are saying, and you have a vision for how to help them. What it shouldn't tell them is that with your x-ray vision you can see through their clothes, because when anyone other than Superman does that it's just creepy.

  • .VISION is an important domain for optometrists and eye doctors.
  • .VISION can be linked to eye-health charities.
  • .VISION can also be less literal, and be about having a vision for what your customers need.