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.vodka Domain Name Registration

.Vodka domain name for anyone who produces or sells vodka

Vodka originated in Eastern Europe in the 8th or 9th century, although it's a subject of much argument between Russia and Poland exactly where it began. Vodka was originally intended as a medicine, and this isn't surprising to anyone who has discovered that the spirit will clean or disinfect almost anything it comes into contact with.

The traditional production of vodka from grains or potatoes has been industrialised and commcerialised in more modern times to enable enjoyment for a wider audience.

There is ongoing research into using vodka as rocket fuel for intergalactic space missions, and speculation that drinking enough vodka could lead to major scientific breakthroughs. Unfortunately, such research is often illegible upon sobering up.

If you love vodka, raise a glass to the spirit with a new VODKA TLD from Crazy Domains.

  • .VODKA is an ideal domain name for everyone who loves or has an interest in the spirit.
  • .VODKA is for anyone producing, promoting or selling vodka.
  • .VODKA is for everyone involved in traditional methods of vodka manufacture.