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Last updated May 8, 2017

Terms of Service


21.20 .mobi Specific Terms

You acknowledge and agree that the Registry Operator must comply with the requirements, standards, policies, procedures and practices set forth in the .mobi Style Guide ("Style Guide") available at http://www.mtld.mobi and consent to the monitoring of the website as described in the .mobi Style Guide monitoring guidelines available at http://www.mtld.mobi for compliance with the Style Guide. Furthermore, You acknowledge and agree that this Style Guide is subject to modification by the Registry Operator with any such changes appearing at the previously designated URL, and that You must promptly comply with any such changes in the time allotted.

Acknowledge that if the domain name being registered is a dotMobi Premium Name, then use of the domain is also subject to the terms and conditions of the dotMobi Premium Name Agreement (formerly known as the dotMobi Auction Agreement), which is incorporated by reference herein.

DreamScape Networks Europe Ltd does not operate any part of the domain name systems, or grant licensing for domain names. Crazy Domains FZ-LLC is the registrar for .mobi domain names. DreamScape Networks Europe Ltd is a reseller of Crazy Domains FZ-LLC in this respect. The actions of Crazy Domains FZ-LLC are independently run beyond our control.

This document contains the terms and conditions that apply between you, us and the services provided by the registrar.