Crazy Domains, Australia’s leading online solutions provider, has pledged its support for Australia with a donation of AUD $25,000.  

Over the last few months, massive bush fires have been raging across Australia, consuming communities, wildlife and the country’s flora and fauna. 

CEO Mark Evans shares, ”We are deeply saddened by what’s happening to our home. The losses caused by the bush fires will take time and resources to rebuild, so we’re committed to doing our part. Crazy Domains is pledging AUD $25,000 to relief efforts of this disaster.

“We are proud to have started our business in Australia many years ago. We support more than 2 million Australian businesses and we hope that our humble donations will support those affected, their families and wildlife to rebuild this beautiful country. 

In addition, Crazy Domains is also leveraging its reach across Australia by sharing $1 of every new .AU domain registered from January and February with the Australian Red Cross and RSPCA New South Wales.