It’s now more vital than ever to transition your brand online. To keep a business afloat in these uncertain times, entrepreneurs need a website that stands out from the rest. The question is—how?  

With this, Crazy Domains soft launches its Online Academy, an online course platform that offers a series of courses on how professionals and entrepreneurs can build a solid online presence from the ground up 

The Online Academy is free, which means anyone registered can access the platform and its wide array of video and downloadable resources.  

Anyone can build an online presence 

Online Academy is for individuals and organisations looking to build an effective brand or business online. All courses and modules are created with all industries in mind.  

So, whether you’re running a consultancy, a tradie business, a non-profit organisation, or creating a professional online portfolio, you’ll be able to learn valuable insights and apply the best industry practices when pivoting your brand online.  

What’s inside the Online Academy 

CD Online Academy Course instructors

The Online Academy offers a series of start-to-finish courses containing several lessons taught by Crazy Domains’ industry experts 

These courses don’t only explain the hows of building a website. It also focuses on the whyof creating a solid online presence in the already competitive digital market.  

During the soft launch, learners get access to two starter coursesCreating an Online Presence emphasises why tapping into the digital economy is an unmissable opportunity for brick-and-mortar businesses.  

Meanwhile, Getting Your Website Online deep-dives into the basic essentials needed to launch a website, such as a domain, a hosting plan or a content management system 

Learners can also enroll in two tutorial coursesWordPress Crash Course and Create Websites in Minutes, which guides them through using WordPress and the Crazy Domains Website Builder.  

These courses give them a glimpse of each platform’s interface and usability, helping them gauge which solution to use for their first website.  

How you can sign up  

To get access to these essential getting-online courses, learners must create an account here 

Once they’re registered, they can log in to their account to start and complete a course or module anytime. 

Online Academy—the grand launch  

CD Online Academy logo

We’re officially launching the Crazy Domains Online Academy within the first quarter of 2021. Stay tuned for more courses, modules, and quizzes, about getting a competitive website up and running in this day and age 

Some of the modules and courses to watch out for include choosing the right technology to use for website-building and creating a branded website.  

Watch out for updates on our FacebookLinkedIn, and Instagram accounts. For the meantime, learn more valuable tips and insights about entrepreneurship and digital marketing on the Crazy Domains blog