Did you know that about 1 in 4 small businesses still don’t have a website? Additionally, nearly 1 in 3 small businesses (29%) claimed to have only started using a website as late as 2020.

Given today’s dynamic online landscape, not having a website as your primary salesperson is a mistake of gigantic proportions. Today, everyone is online all the time — browsing, connecting, shopping, you name it.

Establishing a website alone is not going to cut it. Organisations need to partner with an agency that truly understands their unique needs and can scale their brand organically.

Right Source (Australia) is one such business that has understood the need for a digital presence to drive its purpose and finding the right partner to help along the way.

About Right Source

Right Source

Right Source (Australia) is an organisation that provides accounting, administrative, and governance support to businesses with a cause. They exist to deliver sustainable social impact for non-profit and socially driven organisations, working predominantly with non-profits, Allied Health sectors, and National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) providers.

The business proudly houses a team of highly experienced professionals that deliver tailored advisory, governance, and specialist services. They believe that collaboration and contribution are the keys to fulfillment. By empowering your purpose, they fulfill theirs.

Right Source’s approach is unique. They work with boards and executives to help them use governance as a tool to create alignment within the organization. Their decades of expertise in understanding people’s diverse beliefs and behaviors have taught them how to deliver sustainable change and impact within organizations and for the people they ultimately serve.

Their secret sauce? Aligning people, purpose, process, and performance. Governance is the framework they use to align the vision and operational practices of an organisation. With strategic and operational alignment in mind, the Right Source team sets out to deliver the “right source” of support. They employ both strategic advisory and governance with specialist CoSec, accounting, compliance, risk, and HR solutions.

The result? A sustainable social impact that creates a better world for all.

Why Crazy Domains Came into the Big Picture

Justin Hogg, the founder of Right Source, explains that brands today want to have an online presence so that people know what they’re doing and to invite customers to get involved in their products and services easily.

This is the best way for businesses to get found in today’s chiefly digital and global landscape. To navigate this, Right Source has enlisted Crazy Domains and tasked the latter with 2 primary objectives:

  • Be a long-term digital solutions partner who is an expert in the technical side of their online presence, so they can focus on their core purpose without any worry.
  • Boost their business online with a robust website that provides their clients and prospects with all the information they need about Right Source.

How Crazy Domains Helped Right Source

Right Source Website

Right Source leveraged Crazy Domains’ domain, hosting, website, and email marketing services. Whether it’s about boosting its online presence setup or creating a strategic email campaign, Hogg commends the brand for its advice-giving capabilities. “Crazy Domains helps us a lot in understanding what we do need,” he said.

Hogg notes that Crazy Domains’ advice and support were instrumental in helping Right Source select the right products to improve their security and functionality, areas where the brand lacked expertise. They also helped them understand their on-field requirements, enabling them to cater to their target audience.

Their business website features a straightforward lead form submission process. All people need to do is fill out a form and put in their email address so that the Right Source team can contact potential prospects easily. The form enables their team to gather relevant lead information and initiate a follow-up promptly, streamlining the lead management process.

Hogg is also grateful to Crazy Domains’ incredible customer support. “We are not experts in technology or web hosting; no matter the issue with our website, Crazy Domains has been more than helpful in terms of not only helping resolve the issue but also identifying the issue, which is often the bigger challenge.”

A Win-Win Partnership

Right Source’s focus is on impacting positive change by helping others promote their purpose. Their lack of technical expertise didn’t stop the brand from taking this noble cause online. By leaving IT matters to the experts, they’re able to devote their energy to driving purposeful outcomes.

Crazy Domains provided everything Right Source needed to take their online presence live with a successful start. The exceptional support and expertise have been instrumental in helping Right Source continually grow and fulfill its mission. Together, they have demonstrated how partnerships built on mutual strengths can drive success and create a better world for all.