In the past year, the resilience of small businesses has been tested like no other. COVID-19 devastated Australia and the rest of the world.

Rightfully so, small businesses look forward to an economic boom following this crisis. One that’s similar to the golden era after the Spanish flu and World Wars. But what we might not realize is that the charge towards an economic upturn had already begun way before the pandemic.

Trends that’re Shaping the Business and Consumer Landscape

Consumers flocking online is old news. People use their phones or desktops every day to transact or consume content.

We often see COVID-19 as an unprecedented wakeup call for most businesses to get online.

Disruption or not, a number of Australian businesses have long identified that need to go online. An online presence helps ensure continuity beyond the four walls of a brick-and-mortar store. The pandemic has merely accelerated them to take action.

Growing your business online requires much more than putting together a simple website. You have to leverage your digital presence. That require creating a seamless web experience deliver value to your audience. But success online goes beyond investing in technology. You need to gain insights on your industry, business model, and target audience. It’s also understanding generational trends and transforming – a buzzword sometimes overly used in the online sphere.

To help us gain a better understanding of these, Crazy Domains put together the Online State of Australia’s Small Businesses report for 2021.

Get ready for the future: Online State of Australia’s Small Businesses 2021

As experts in online solutions, Crazy Domains wanted to look into the market trends that are shaping Australia’s business and consumer landscape.

To better understand this, we connected with 700+ small business owners and over 1000 consumers to gain and interpret insights on vital topics, including:

a. Launching a business in Australia

What industries have proven to be the most profitable? What is the biggest factor hindering online growth?

b. Generational Consumer Behaviour

Which generation is most likely to spend the most online each month? Who, among Baby Boomers, Millennials, Gen Z, prefer shopping instore?

c. Impact of COVID-19 on consumers and businesses

Without downplaying the disruption caused by COVID-19 – our study has yielded surprising results on the effects the pandemic had on household income and business operations.

d. How businesses ready for what’s next

The online era is upon us, it’s only a matter of asking: What’s next? We magnify the steps businesses are already and planning to take as the internet, cloud, and other related technologies take over.

You’ll find more insights on businesses taking strides to adapt to online models. As you explore Crazy Domains’ Online State of Australia’s Small Businesses 2021, think ahead of where your own brand stands and what you can do to embrace this new reality.

Learn more about this free, exclusive report about Online State of Australia’s Small Businesses 2021, presented to you by Crazy Domains, Australia’s leading online solutions provider.

As a brand rooted in Australia, we always sought to understand and bring forward the trends driving the country’s business landscape. We’ve found perfect partners in reaching that goal with Emma Needham and Patrick Compton.

Finally, we’d like to extend our gratitude to the Growth Ops team — who have been instrumental in connecting us with passionate small business owners and consumers.