Websites are basically virtual business cards, through which customers find information about your business and what it can do for them. Online is where many opportunities for businesses both big and small lie. This is why every business needs a website.

Are you looking to launch your website but lack the technical knowledge to do it yourself? Do the time and money needed to make it hard for you to decide how you can afford a good website?

Then sit back and relax, because Do It For You is here!

Why you need a website

Most people these days go online to get local information, they use smartphones and computers to make decisions on what to buy and where. Businesses without a website can’t take advantage of this opportunity.

Having a website also gives your business legitimacy. You have the opportunity to show your customers how reliable and credible you are and why your offers will be of value to them.

Websites have much potential when it comes to marketing, helping you build an online presence that will draw more people to your business. Through your website, you can gather information for lead generation and build your contact list of potential customers. More importantly, if you already have a physical store, people will likely wonder what your reason is for not being online.

The small business’ struggle

At Crazy Domains, getting you online is our thing.

In the online world, your website is your number one business card, the key to getting more customers and building a reputation that can be seen in just a few clicks.

A study by Clutch revealed that 25% of small businesses didn’t have a website because of a lack of technical skills, while 22% say they have a lack of resources to invest in a site.

The same survey outlined the key benefits of having a website, including upgrading marketing opportunities from a local audience to a global one. Furthermore, a website is more cost-effective than brick and mortar as more customers turn to the convenience of online shopping.

If you are a small business struggling with the same issues, then the time has come for you to lay your concerns to rest.

The gamechanger: Do It For You

Do It For You makes things simple and takes the stress out of building your website. The solution helps you do your thing, while your website is created in quick time.

Book your appointment with our team, get on the phone, and have your business website created in 20 minutes. The affordable solution gives you a web address, email, hosting and design and build in one go.

Remember that your customers can’t find you if you’re not online. Learn more about Do It For You and how it can help you get started here.

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