It’s no secret that email marketing tools have made it easier and, not to mention, cost-saving for brands to create winning campaigns. However, not everyone knows how to leverage their tool to their advantage. It takes hours of study, preparation, and effort to send out a great campaign. 

But make no mistake, the long hours are worth it. From increasing your subscribers’ list to boosting ROI, these are just some of the benefits of email marketing when done right. 

The good news is, you’ll begin experiencing these by simply learning the ins and outs of your email marketing tool. And in this blog, we’ll share with you our starter videos that will walk you through in using Crazy Domains Email Marketing tool. 

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Leveraging Crazy Domains Email Marketing  

How to Add and Manage Your Mailing List in Crazy Domains Email Marketing  

Share Right Content To Right People

Arranging or segmenting your subscribers is an essential action every marketer should take. Doing so helps you create content that resonates best with specific subscriber groups. In short, you’ll be able to send the right message to the right audience increasing customer engagement. 

You can segment your users through: 

  • Demographics 
  • Buying frequency 
  • Email engagement 
  • Quiz based results 
  • Geography 
  • Personal/product interest 

Email Campaigns That Fit Your Brand

How to Design & Personalise Your Newsletter  

How to Design & Personalise Your Newsletter

Apart from the content you place, the way your email looks matters in catching your audience’s attention. Luckily, our email marketing tool has a wide range of templates and designs you can use to build campaigns. If you believe you don’t have that artistic talent, here are some email design tips you should consider: 

  • Apply brand colours 
  • Don’t shy away from using images 
  • Leave white spaces around elements 
  • Bold or size-up important content; FREE, 50%, or LAST CHANCE 
  • Use one font for the headline and another for the body 

Email Campaigns -  Build And Launch In Minutes

How to Create and Send Your Email Campaign  

How to Create and Send Your Email Campaign

Once you understand the importance of segmentation and personalising your email design, what’s next is to make sure you write a valuable and impactful copy. Remember, reading emails take away a bit of your customers’ day make sure it’s worth their time. 

Here are 7 quick tips to help you write relevant emails: 

  • Write a benefit-focused subject line 
  • Connect the preheader and subject line 
  • Keep emails short 
  • Make emails personal 
  • Never shout at your audience 
  • Write with space 
  • And proofreadx3 

With your email marketing tool, you can preview how campaigns will look both on mobile phones and desktops. You can also schedule your email at a specific time you wish to send to your subscribers. Learn how to do that here. 

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Start using your email marketing tool 

When done right, email marketing can be your secret strategy in winning more customers and eventually – sales. And with a feature-packed email marketing tool, you can experience positive results sooner or later. 

Start increasing brand awareness. Double your ROI. And send out irresistible campaigns by logging in to your account now. 

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