That title’s not a typo – you really can get a free .uk domain for your website!

The jolly good people behind the short, sharp new domain name for the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (to give the UK its full and proper title) are offering rather spiffing domains for a whole year: and at no cost.

These are available to every single person who is the rights holder for their domain. You may be surprised to know that for many people with an existing UK domain, the new extension is already reserved and waiting for you – so nobody can swoop in first and carry it away.

Why choose to register your reserved .uk domain name?

  • It’s a shorter UK focused web domain for businesses and individuals. It brings the UK domain space in line with the more familiar international format of other shorter country codes like .de and .fr
  • A .uk domain puts the emphasis firmly on your brand – exactly where it should be, to help you reach a wider audience and increase sales
  • It brings all the same benefits of trust, reliability and credibility as, and other members of the UK domain family
  • .uk is easier to remember and firmly states where you are and who your audience is
  • Being shorter, the .uk domain lends itself well to social media channels, such as Twitter, where every character counts
  • .uk is easier and quicker to communicate to your audience and easy to remember

Who is switching to .uk?

The first person in the UK to switch to the new .uk domain when it launched was British icon and tech enthusiast Stephen Fry. He has always supported the need to be able to have .uk on its own, without the .co, and his wish was granted last year. Since then over 400,000 additional businesses, families and individuals have registered their own .uk domain.

Many individuals and businesses have already or are in the process of switching across their existing website address to the new .uk – it’s simple, quick and puts the focus right back on your brand. Others are setting up their .uk as a dedicated campaign page or landing page with new content, highlighting key areas of their business or as a blog or news space to gain additional web traffic and online visibility.

Start enjoying the benefits of a new .uk domain name today – free for the whole first year!