A graphic design portfolio is a distinctly professional and well-curated presentation of your work to the world. If done the right way, it can do much more than just showcase your projects.

Whether you’re a freelancer, new to graphic designing, or have several years of industry experience, having a good online portfolio is a must. It lets you win over clients and scale your reach as a graphic designer.

If you’re also in the process of designing your own portfolio, we’ve chosen nine excellent graphic design portfolio examples you can take inspiration from. We’ve also included tips to help the journey more seamless for you.

9 Best Inspos for Your Graphic Design Portfolio

Meiwen See 

A well-known professional designer and photographer, Meiwen features people, travel, editorial, and interior photography.

She also combines his artistic talents in a way that helps her clients with art direction, branding, and much more.


  • Her portfolio website follows a minimalistic theme. 
  • She also uses a lot of white space making each image on the website stand out. 
  • The navigation bar is minimal but helps website visitors easily find her portfolio items and a contact form.

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RyuCreative is a popular marketing agency in Los Angeles. The boutique-style company boasts a robust graphic design portfolio that has successfully assisted different companies in areas such as social branding, PR, and creative design.


  • A unique portfolio website that’s well-structured with original pictures on the homepage to attract visitors.  
  • The agency’s graphic design portfolio features a minimalist style with fewer texts and more images of their work.

Zoe Wodarz

Zoe has over 20 years of experience in web design, illustration, and product line development.

She also has rich experience in creating in-house and freelance designs for various luxury brands, stationery, food, home decor, beauty, and editorial features. 


  • Featured designs in various ad campaigns and store merchandising.  
  • A balanced portfolio of colourful designs with an organised, polished layout that’s easy to navigate.

Studio Moross

Studio Moross is an extensive creative studio that boasts a broad portfolio in live show direction, broadcast design, and festival campaign direction. It was founded by its Creative Director Aries Moross in 2012.


  • The website has a filter menu that breaks down the projects into different segments. 
  • The projects are laid out in a simple gallery view. 
  • As the studio is known for its vibrant and energetic work, it’s also reflected in its website with the use of bright colours.
  • Unique project page with visual evidence with brief descriptions of their work.

Eun Jeong Yoo

Boasting a mesmerising portfolio website, Yoo’s portfolio follows minimalism in web design and is tasteful in its stylised typography at the same time.


  • Shows a captivating display of artistry in each of the graphic design pieces. 
  • Her portfolio website features a segmented gallery of her work per year which make makes it easy to navigate. 
  • Follows a stylistic yet minimalist approach to web design, making the website eye-catching and impressive.

Morag Myerscough

What makes this graphic design portfolio stand out is the bright graphics, stunning animations, and clean design.

This one is great for designers who either wish to get into the field of art design or take on more experimental or website-specific projects.


  • The website stayed true to its purpose as an online portfolio as it displays Myerscough’s works in large-sized images (almost occupying the screen on both sides). 
  • Features short sections that help connect the designer’s visual brand to her background, personal philosophy, and professional experience.

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Glen Kuznetsov

Glen’s portfolio beautifully combines product design, graphic design, and user experience.

It is a Dribble-hosted portfolio with more than 50 images, divided into several easy-to-understand projects.


  • It is an excellent example for designers who wish to show long-term or complex projects. 
  • Everything from the images and brief to the about us statement reflects the designer’s unique vision and personality.

Heather Shaw

An impressive graphic design portfolio website, Heather Shaw includes various samples of her book and website designs, branding, and much more.

A great choice for designers working in many different media but wish to present a cohesive portfolio.


  • Clear, visually consistent, and easy to navigate. 
  • Features a wide range of skills and approaches to solving client issues.

MDZ Design

MDZ design focuses on clear, concise and exciting images, thus giving visitors a peek into great execution and strategy.

The portfolio also offers product design and strategy to clients, making it a nice choice for strategy-focused designers.


  • A wide range of services, along with a clear approach to problem-solving. 
  • The website also makes it easy to see how their unique process leads to results for their clients.

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Tips on How to Create a Winning Graphic Design Portfolio

1. Choose an Appropriate Platform

One of the first things you need to make your design portfolio stand out is the right platform that’s both versatile and scalable.

WordPress can be a good choice as it’s user-friendly enough to give you a simple and effective way to create whatever website fits your specific needs. It offers a wide range of themes and plugins.

2. Showcase Your Best Work

Focus on showcasing your best work instead of all your work.

The idea is to be selective about the kind of work you want to show and why, as people generally have a very short attention span.

3. Focus on Storytelling

Your graphic design portfolio should be more than just a showcase of your skills. It should also focus on telling a story behind each project you’ve completed and should intrigue the prospective audience. Show them what they can expect from collaborating with you. 

4. Visuals are Key

While putting together a graphic design portfolio, ensure that most of your pages include images or sketches instead of just text. Plus, an outdated or stale portfolio won’t make your website look engaging.

Your design portfolio should feature your current work, highlighting the most recent website and logo designs you’ve done. 

5. Bonus tips

  • Include client stories/testimonies: Since every client is unique and working with each allows you to learn something new, it’s best to build up a collection of these stories as you continue to work on different projects.
  • Make it clean and easy to navigate: When it comes to design, it’s much more than just visual skills. Since it’s largely about communicating with clients, the format of your portfolio (printed online) should be clear and easy to scan.
  • Display contact information: To make it easy for clients, make sure to have a contact page with your complete contact information. 

Build a Remarkable Graphic Design Portfolio Today!

Time to get your creative juices flowing. The most innovative graphic design websites reflect the true personality of designers and their work. If you’re also an interactive UI designer, your website gives you an excellent opportunity to use the portfolio interface design to highlight your design skills.

The above list of simple yet modern graphic design portfolios is a great place to seek inspiration from and build a portfolio that lets your work do the talking.

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