Need help on how to transfer web hosting easily? 

The right web hosting ensures your website’s optimal performance. 

Take control of your website and switch hosting providers like a pro with this practical guide. 

4 Steps on How to Move Your Website to a New Host

Step 1: Select a New Web Host 

Start by choosing a new web host. Go for a hosting company that allows you to migrate the website for free.  

Here are some important factors to consider when selecting a new web hosting service. The web host must: 

  • Guarantee zero downtime and perform regular maintenance 
  • Implement the latest security measures to keep your website’s data safe 
  • Support diverse platforms and equipped with useful tools to streamline the migration 
  • Offer value-adds such as reliable support, free website migration, and the like 
  • Employ an intuitive and user-friendly interface 
  • Provide different hosting plans such as shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, etc. 

Step 2: Download Your Site’s Backup Files

Creating a backup for your site (and its files) is crucial when manually transferring your hosting. This reduces the chances of errors or missing sections. After all, you don’t want any critical plug-ins or themes to go missing, right? 

Pro Tip: Ask your old web hosting provider if you can back up the website’s files and export them easily. 

Step 3: Obtain Your Website’s Database 

The next step is to back up your database manually: 

  1. Log in to your database management system. 
  2. Choose the backup type: full, incremental, or differential backup. 
  3. Select the backup method and specify the destination for the backup file. 
  4. Check the backup’s integrity and functionality by restoring it to a test database. 
  5. Set up a backup schedule to ensure data safety. 
  6. Encrypt, restrict access, and store copies securely, including off-site or in the cloud. 
  7. Periodically perform test restores to validate the backup files. 

Step 4: Migrate the Files and Database to Your New Hosting Account 

Your hosting provider will give a step-by-step lowdown on how to migrate the files to your new web hosting account. That said, here are the steps to migrate your files and database — and update the DNS setting so that your website’s domain accurately points to the new server: 


  • Backup: Save your website files from the old hosting to your local computer. 
  • New Hosting: Sign up for a new hosting account and upload your files. 
  • Test: Verify that your website works on the new hosting. 


  • Backup: Export your old hosting database. 
  • New Database: Create a new database on the new hosting account, import the backup, and update your website’s config file. 
  • Test: Ensure your website functions with the new database. 

DNS Update: 

  • Update DNS: Change your domain’s DNS records to point to the new hosting provider. 
  • Propagation: Wait for DNS changes to propagate (up to 48 hours). 
  • Monitor: Keep an eye on your site during propagation for any issues. 

Then, you’ll want to test and review your website to see if everything is functioning properly before you hit the publish button.  

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