To celebrate the launch of .melbourne, Australia’s first city web domain, Crazy Domains and have collaborated to commission an original piece of stunning street art.

From Everfresh Studio in Melbourne, the Crazy Domains team recruited the skills of the talented Mr Makatron.

Makatron is known internationally for his surreal mashups of animals and the urban jungle, with nearly 7,000 people around the world following his Instagram account.

The mural’s location in Melbourne’s Collingwood suburb inspired Makatron to feature zebras, with the animal’s distinctive black-and-white markings matching the stripes of the famous footy team’s jumpers.

But like any true Melburnian, Makatron’s zebras are colourful and full of life – and they stand out from the herd.

Makatron’s love for Melbourne also stands out in his mural, with iconic landmarks from the world’s most liveable city making an appearance, including Flinder’s Street Station and the Eureka Tower.

Check out below this time-lapse video of Makatron hard at work creating the tribute to .melbourne. If you’re in Melbourne, find Makatron’s masterpiece on the corner of Johnston and Campbell St.

Melburnians can stand out from the .com herd with their own .melbourne web domains: sign up here, before they get away!