You’ve read all about domain bias, you’ve seen the small studies and you know the examples. You’re convinced a new TLD would be good for your business.

But with over 200 new TLDs released this year, “what would I do with a new one?” is a question that comes up quite a lot.

The answer might surprise you: you can have all the web domains your arms can carry, and have them redirect to the same website.

To take a previous post’s example, you might be a dental surgery and want to better brand your website with a new TLD to target customers in their web searches.

But what happens to people who go to your original website? Simple! It redirects to your new domain, and visitors don’t notice the difference. With DNS management you could be as well as best and, and you don’t have to give up your original domain.

Instead, any and every new domain you register can be redirected to your existing website.

Multiple Domains, One Website

To take a real life example of how you can have multiple domains, the New Belgium Brewing Company have the domain – but they are already taking advantage of the new gTLD market.

Brewbound reported this week, in the article titled New Belgium Brewing Purchases Custom Domain Names, that New Belgium are going to be one of the first breweries to use and promote the new .beer domains: including,,, and others.

All domain purchases with Crazy Domains come with free Domain DNS – an easy way to manage your DNS settings. What do you do with DNS? This is how you can simply and easily redirect domains to the desired website!

Seamlessly Redirect Your Visitors

If you have a blog, perhaps on WordPress, you may want to purchase your own web domain for a more professional look instead of being

With web hosting from Crazy Domains you can redirect your old WordPress URL to your new web domain quickly and easily, and visitors won’t notice the change – anyone visiting the old link can be redirected. All of our web and email hosting plans come with free premium DNS.

What would you do with a new TLD? Brand your business for online searches better! What happens to visitors going to the old link? They can be redirected to your new domain! You don’t have to give up your old domain to register a new one.