For an online business, choosing the right domain name goes synonymous with choosing the right company name. Both go hand in hand in building the best possible brand for your venture, especially in a digital space where new brands are mushrooming by the day.

But how often has it happened that you went online to register your domain name only to realise that it already been taken? 

With millions of domain names already registered, creating your desired domain with the typical domain extensions can be challenging. This often results in companies opting for unwelcome monikers that, at times, neither reflect their industry nor their brand personality. 

Such a practice can be highly counterproductive to the branding you want to achieve.

Fortunately, there’s an advent of 1200 new industry-specific and keyword-rich domain extensions. Companies now have ample freedom to pick a domain name that underscores what they do and what they’re about.

Brands today have successfully managed to create strong web identities with a great domain name. By choosing to build their business on new domain extensions, they have created an online brand that resonates well with their industry and personality.

If you’re struggling with finding the right name for your website, these five amazing new domain extensions will help ease your dilemma.



Technology companies are a microcosm of the startup culture. As a company trying to hold its own in a landscape filled with tech startups, you need more than a revolutionary product and well-crafted messaging to set yourself apart.

A .tech domain extension that succeeds your company name will help you do just that. 

It provides web users with a relevant context of what your company is about. It also highlights your innovative side and establishes your domain name as a brand in itself.

Whether you’re a company offering digital solutions, a tech blogger, or a website hosting an assortment of tech-related content, .tech can serve as the perfect second half of a website address that resonates with your company and its offerings. 

Such an extension can be even more useful when you’re a company with multiple interests and you wish to differentiate the technology arm from the rest.

Well-known brands such as,, and have capitalised on the benefits of the .tech domain. This shows that such an extension can be the right choice for strengthening your web identity.



The word “store” implies a place or platform where buying and selling take place. Use it as your website domain extension to let your users know you’re in the business of selling — right off the bat.

While high-quality products and impeccable customer service help you gain loyal customers, a .store domain name helps you drive new-user traffic to your website.

Several successful online businesses are building great brands on .store, including,, and

Emirates, synonymous with luxury air travel, has also opted for a domain name. This differentiates its merchandise website from its official business website,

As more and more companies and buyers take their business online, a unique .store domain name can be the difference you need to get ahead of the competition.



If you don’t want an industry-specific domain name, consider the .online extension.

It’s a versatile, straightforward and unambiguous choice to represent your digital presence. It helps you stand out amidst a sea of competitors and help you create a distinct online presence.

A domain name on .online can also help you create distinct online and offline identities, especially if you’re a well-established physical company that’s now expanding into the digital space. 

It even works as a standout name for people in creative fields, such as artists and writers, who are taking the digital route to exhibit their works.

Organisations such as, and have succeeded in building great online brands using the .online domain extension.



Like .online, the .site domain extension represents your web presence in a simple, unassuming way while giving you the opportunity to be unique. It also gives you plenty of scopes to get creative with your domain name or play around with it.

Take, for instance, websites such as or

All these stand out for their uniqueness. They even manage to deliver a clever message to users: that these are the online sites catering to their specific needs and interests (the cooking site for people who love cooking).

The universal yet distinct nature of .site is the reason why over 1 million domain names are already registered on it.



If words like cool, fresh, hip and witty symbolise you or your brand’s personality, a .fun domain extension is a perfect choice for your website. 

Whether you are a standup comedian or a website for kids, a gaming company or a collection of memes, jokes and funny quotes, a .fun domain name helps you in driving the right people to your address — people looking for “fun”. 

Those in the entertainment business are known to be unconventional, adventurous and creative. A .fun extension helps them play on those exact aspects. It infuses your otherwise run-of-the-mill domain name with excitement, joy, and positivity. 

Examples of brands that have created unique identities using a .fun extension include, and 


These domain extensions are just a few among over 1,200 such extensions available to anyone who wants to build a strong online brand — whether you’re a company or a personal website. 

The benefits of using such suffixes go beyond helping you find the most relevant name. 

By going against conventional web addresses, you are setting yourself apart and infusing your online brand with freshness and creativity.