Hot off the press this week is a whole shiny new Crazy Domains website, have you seen it, yet? Even if you have already spotted it there are several new things you might not know about yet. Let’s check it out…

Hot New Design

It’s been several months in the making, and the most obvious difference with the new site you’ll see is its fresh new design. At 1200px, the site is now bigger than ever before, with large images and fonts for your big screen retina displays – but it’s also semi-responsive with a 1000px layout automatically displayed for smaller screens and devices. A fully responsive site is also coming soon!

Our new design bids a fond farewell to our friend Pamela Anderson, who has been a fan favourite on our front page for several years.

New and Improved Support Resources

It’s no secret that in recent years our customer support has improved several times over. We’ve tripled the number of dedicated IT experts, quadrupled our technical support team and calls are now being answered faster than ever.

Our new site design adds another layer of support, with updated questions and answers, new “Getting Started” guides and the ability to see notifications of any known issues in real time.

Custom servers

Would you like a faster, more flexible solution than standard web hosting? Take back control with your own custom server. We have unleashed with the new Crazy Domains the opportunity to build a custom server to fit your very own specifications. Now with custom servers you can choose your own storage, speed, power and much more.

Our existing Windows and Linux servers are also updated, with more configurable options than ever before. What’s more, we now offer three different service levels for all of our server plans: Self-Managed, Managed and Full Support.

Self-Managed servers are recommended for IT professionals with an advanced understanding of server administration. The server, operating system and hosting software is provided, allowing you to completely manage the setup of the server. It is your responsibility to install and configure the server to meet your needs, and we do not provide any technical support for this.

Managed servers are recommended for IT professionals with a basic understanding of server administration. As with self-managed servers, it remains your responsibility to install and configure the server to meet your needs, and if support is needed it can be supplied at an hourly rate.

Finally, the Full-Support option is recommended for customers that require complete technical support and set up of all software and configuration of their server.

Packages: for the crazy busy

We get that you’re busy: now you don’t need to waste your valuable time picking choosing all of the different elements for getting your business online. With the new-look Crazy Domains comes our crazy packages, designed to help small businesses grow within an affordable price.

We have three ready-made packages, from Startup for people needing the basics of a web domain, hosting and email, to Ultimate Empire including Web Analytics, Email Marketing and so much more.

Our new packages are designed to suit all businesses great and small: so while your rivals are still deciding what elements they need for their online business, you can get ahead and get online fast. It’s crazy easy, so you can get back to what you’re good at.

And that’s not all…

It doesn’t end there, either – behind the scenes we’re making constant improvements, with updates, faster speeds and upgrades across the site. Watch out for the fully responsive site coming soon, and let us know what you think of our new website in the comments section below.