For the first time ever, from today everyone can sign up for the shorter, simpler .NZ domain name.

Land of the Long White Cloud

Did you know? The Maori name for New Zealand, “Aoetaroa”, means ‘land of the long white cloud’. It’s also not unusual for long, white clouds to completely obscure the view of NZ from space.

We could totally have made a joke about sheep, and them looking like clouds, just there — but we’re better than that.

New Zealand’s Watershed Moment

New Zealand has experienced a watershed moment that many other countries around the world are still just dreaming about. No longer do you have to make do with the dusty old CO.NZ, you can be simply and cleanly just .NZ.

Good News for Kiwis

Can’t get the .NZ you want? Or just want something a little more personal? Sign up instead for .KIWI!


Have you moved your domain to the shorter .NZ? is sharing organisations that have chosen to base their website at the .nz domain name.

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