Big-money domain names are making the news.

In the article ‘Honey, how would you feel if I was having an affair?’: Making a pitch for a $250,000 domain name talks to people who have spent or been offered large sums for a web address.

The owner of was offered $80k for the name, while someone else convinced his wife they should spend $250k on a domain.

.com domains have a flat pricing structure, making them ideal for people hoping to buy low and sell high. But newer gTLDs take a name’s potential value into account with premium domains.

The benefits of search

It’s no secret that while Google doesn’t give new gTLDs any kind of preference in search, the right combination of keywords will see you placed higher organically, and receive a boost from more clicks. A recent study has shown once again that keyword-rich domains that match a search query are more likely to get clicked in search results.

If you’re going to Sydney for the first time, and want to find a pub to visit, you might just type into Google “pub Sydney.” It would make sense that if you want a name for your own Sydney pub you’d see the value in domains like or

Or you might want to snap up the name to join a growing group of domain investors.

Domain registry .CLUB even have a startup program, to allow people to get a high-value name – like Coffee Club did, snapping up for $100,000 – on a payment plan.

What’s available?

What other Premium domains, like, are waiting out there for a canny investor? All of the below were available to buy at time of publication.

What’s the benefit of a Premium domain name?

The domains come with premium price tags, so what’s the value?

  • Avoid long, confusing names with a web address that demonstrates who you are and what you do. Think
  • Premium domains are specially selected to target specific keywords that users search for – like
  • Redirect visitors rom a new Premium name to your current name, even if it was hard to remember for customer
  • Resell value! $4k might seem steep, but when that trendy new pub opens in Sydney and wants the coolest domain name, you could find yourself sitting on a goldmine
  • Whole businesses are built around reselling domains – this could be a second income for you, or a small business that could turn into a whole enterprise.

What are you waiting for?

You don’t have to shell out thousands. Start small, but think Premium…