In the past decade, the scale on which the social media industry has changed our daily lives remains unprecedented.
Beginning 2004, online platforms — such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Viber, etc. — have started appearing and then entered into our daily conversations.
And before we knew it, the social media has already influenced the way we look at the world and how we interact with other people.

Dawn of the New Internet Culture

Nowadays, every social media user — it’s safe to suppose — is aware of what it means for a post to run “viral”, or to be trending, in the web. News and information have not traveled faster in any time in history than now.
Online communication has also never been this more important. Whether it be at home, at school, or especially at the offices, social media is a necessary medium to get things done.

The Evolution of Social Media

The astonishing breakthroughs made by the social media have provided opportunities for business establishments to boom and evolve.
Most, if not all, establishments have since then adapted themselves to the contemporary online platforms, such as including the use of Facebook for their customer service, ads, etc.
Consequently, all brands and customers are now conscious of how important it is to keep up-to-date with latest social media trends.

Absolutely Hot Social Media Trends for 2017

The social media evolution for 2017 will definitely surprise the marketing industry. Here are four hot stuff to expect this year:

took on 2016 and is now hot! People no longer find it enough to just post content. People now want real-time content and live streaming. People want a real vicarious experience — to watch the event as it is unfolding right before their eyes — through social media.
A significant 2016 report of the Social Media Examiner showed that 60% of marketers use video in their marketing, and 50% will be using live video services such as Facebook Live. (Facebook gives marketers a chance to put up to 4 hours of video streamed real-time. This year, Facebook will also roll its 360-degree video for its Live users.)

is hot and will find its way in entering the marketing world this year. (Take for example the augmented reality of Pokemon GO Fever in 2016) Note that Volvo has used VR test drive for their customers. Certainly, VR will provide effective product demonstrations in the future, and this will be good for the customers.

is in the works as well. Chatbots are now so efficient AIs that they are able to have a conversation with a person. These are made ready to answer and process a costumer’s inquiry and transactions, and ensure a business establishment that there will be someone to answer the costumer 24/7.

will get even hotter. The population of active monthly users has reached around 4 billion, and so brands will be leaning more on with this app this year and take advantage of this.

Times are indeed changing, and so must we.