Try this: pull up your search bar and type “marketing campaign with the best ROI.”

This will lead you to a single answer — email marketing.

Email has come a long way from being a messaging medium to a valuable marketing player.

It’s not a trendsetter nor does it insist public attention, yet it outperforms all other marketing campaigns. It dominates with an average return of $42 per $1 ratio.

Use this data to your advantage and start building up your email list. The more subscribers you have, the more you can maximise your email marketing potential.

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10 Efficient Ways to Increase Your Email List

Have solid lead magnets

Have solid lead magnets

Lead magnets are free offers or “bribes” given to prospective customers in exchange for their contact details. They work best when they present value or solution that the audience needs.

Use lead magnets as supplementary data to your web content. You can also tie them to a product for further promotion.

Here are lead magnets your SME can offer:

  • Tutorials – Brief how-to guides are popular among audiences. They won’t withhold their email for a valuable resource. You can have it on a video or PDF document.
  • Checklists – They provide a clear flow of action steps. People would take a ready-made list any day to save time on analysing and taking lengthy notes of a process.
  • Editable planners – Planners demonstrate efficient task and strategy mapping. They’d want to have it even more in an editable layout that they can reuse.
  • Bundle access – Pack all related articles tackling the same topics and themes on a bundle or a single page. Audiences who are looking for similar content will appreciate this scheme.
  • Templates – Who doesn’t want to just fill out a template and go? Templates are great lead magnets for those who don’t have the time and idea to start a document from scratch.
  • Consulting services – Providing free basic consultations gives your audience a glimpse of your expertise.

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Incorporate CTAs in every blog post

Make it easy for your audience to subscribe to you. Place clear CTAs within their sight at all times.

A word of warning, though. CTAs shouldn’t interfere with your site’s user experience. Place your CTA button at the end of the article. You can also use less intrusive pop-up options such as opt-in bars.

Aside from your CTA placement, nothing beats high-quality content. Publish valuable, compelling content that hooks visitors into clicking your CTAs. This helps you gain your audience’s trust and add more users to your email list.

Offer high-value gated content

Gated content refers to fully or partially inaccessible articles or posts. The user would need to sign up with their email addresses to unlock the restrictions.

Apply this sparingly only to content or posts that contain crucial information.

You can also provide good enough information and restrict access to a more advanced part of the document. Use this to seal a more detailed or informative sequel of a general article.

Leverage your social media

Leverage your social media

You can’t ignore the power of social media in supporting your email campaign.

Facebook allows business pages to include a Sign-Up button. You can also link your sign-up forms on your social media posts, so they can easily subscribe to your brand. Draw attention by promoting your lead magnets to show what treats await them by providing only their email.

Trade exclusive data access

Invest in generating relevant data such as white papers, statistics, infographics, survey results, and case studies. These are industry-specific information that matters to researchers, interested clients, and other enterprises.

Besides building up your email list, your site will serve as the primary source of data for other sites. This builds up your backlink portfolio and puts you on top of search engine results.

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Grant subscriber promos and discounts

No one says no to a good deal, which makes discounts and promos a prime medium for lead generation.

This is a good email marketing campaign for ecommerce sites to increase both their sales and email list. You can offer exclusive rebates and shipping vouchers to customers who are willing to subscribe.

Organise giveaways

Organise giveaways

Giveaways are effective strategies for skyrocketing your social media following, site traffic, and email list. Create a mechanic instructing participants to like, follow, and share your social platform and provide their contact information in exchange for a chance at winning a giveaway.

The downside is that you’ll risk attracting irrelevant subscribers who are only interested at the contest’s temporary gain, not your brand. Be sure to set up specific prizes that catch your target audience’s interest alone.

Gather emails offline

Bring sign-up sheets to corporate events, workshops, seminars, trade shows, and company-related occasions. The best thing about it is that you’ll be collecting emails of people who’re already invested in the industry your brand belongs to.

If receive walk-in customers and clients, encourage them to leave their emails on the sign-in sheet. Assure them by specifying how you’ll utilise their data and what exactly they’re signing up for.

Host webinars

Host webinars

Webinars are a win-win approach for both marketers and their audience.

The audience can expand their knowledge and enhance their credentials by only investing little time. Meanwhile, businesses can secure their emails and present themselves as experts in the field, boosting their brand awareness and credibility.

Simplify your sign-up forms

Shorten your form by only asking the most relevant details. The basic details usually involve name, email, password, and email confirmation.

Inform users what they’ll receive in exchange for their details. If it’s to unlock a lead magnet or receive exclusive promos, make sure they receive them right away.

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Grow Your List, Increase Your Reach

You can’t set up your business for success by disregarding email marketing’s exemplary results. Amplify your email list building techniques to get the best out of this lucrative platform.

These aren’t only useful in expanding your contacts but in developing your overall brand as well.

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