Why be a reseller?

Have you ever seen the multicoloured galaxy of new web addresses that are released every week, and thought to yourself how you could make a fortune selling them? Have you thought of amazing, incredible ideas for promoting hosting or other web products – but don’t just have the resources to set up as a registrar?

There is another way: you can become a Crazy Domains reseller.

It’s crazy easy to get set up as a Reseller, and it can be done in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is sign up – then you have access to your very own reseller storefront, ready and waiting for you to customise to your heart’s content.

Along with your storefront you get the reseller API (that’s what tells us what items your customers are buying so you can get paid), the control panel (where you manage everything, from orders and members to tools and plugins) as well as free web hosting for your reseller store, and our Traffic Booster tool: designed to drive visitors to your site with minimal effort on your part.

This Is Your Business

There are many benefits of being a reseller with us. The most important is that this is your business – you set your prices and design your site, we supply you with the domain names and take care of the invoicing.

Think of it as a little like running your own supermarket: a supplier gives you the food and goods at a great wholesale price, and you sell these on to your customers through your store. Just as a supermarket store has its own name, logos, and design – not its supplier’s – so is your reseller storefront completely your own, without reference to Crazy Domains.

You might wonder to yourself why you can’t just buy domain names as normal through our site, and then sell them on manually through your own website or an auction site at a profit?

There’s nothing to stop you doing that: though there are forms to fill out and fees to pay when you sell on your domain, or transfer its ownership, that is still an option for you. Continuing the supermarket analogy, if you wanted to open a shop you could also buy items off the shelves from your local supermarket and then sell them on to your customers.

The advantage of being a reseller with us is that first we give you the shop with ready-made available payment gateways to take credit cards or Paypal, then you get wholesale pricing across all domains and products. You get all these things at a discounted rate from the public retail price. That means there is more money for you to make – and best of all, your money can be paid to you at any time, you don’t wait for monthly or quarterly payments. All of this is what’s important in business.

What’s In It For Me?

To summarise, the benefits of being a Crazy Domains reseller include:

  • Crazily good wholesale pricing across hundreds of domains and dozens of products
  • Your own totally customisable storefront – we send customer emails and invoices from your store, not Crazy Domains
  • Web hosting for your domain store, and traffic booster to help drive visitors to your site
  • Integration with billing applications, plus various tools and plugins

Selling domains as a reseller gets even easier with the addition of WHMCS. An alternative solution for management and billing, WHMCS integrates with the Reseller API, helping your customers to buy, transfer, renew and manage domains in real-time. Updated this week to version 1.0.3, the current module supports WHMCS 5.3.13 – and we’re already looking forward to the 6.0 release.

Join our resellers today and start making those products and domains work for you.