Does the thought of building a website intimidate you? 

Welcome to the club. Everybody who aims to go online feels the same, mostly because the first thing that comes to mind is code. 

But who says you need to have coding knowledge? Or study programming? 

Don’t let it stop you from going online and going big. With a website builder, you don’t need to have highly technical skills to create your website. 

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Here are more reasons using a website builder is the best choice for you: 

Why You Should Use a Website Builder 

No coding knowledge required

Gone are the days when you need to code every text, image, and everything else on your website. 

A website builder is designed for people with little to no knowledge about programming or web design. It offers a myriad of pre-made templates to choose from. 

Choosing the best template can be overwhelming, though. Luckily, website builders sort them by niche so it’s easier for you to decide. 

Website builder templates

Easy drag-and-drop interface

Most website builders offer a drag-and-drop feature. This makes it easier to customise your website. and go all out with your creativity. 

The drag-and-drop feature also allows you to: 

  • Add new pages, such as your Products or Contact page 
  • Add media, such as videos and images 
  • Add text and customise formatting  
  • Add a map for your local business 
  • Organise your navigation menu 
  • Change the background colours of your page sections 
  • Move website elements around 

Easy drag-and-drop interface

See? You’re still in control of everything even without the mind-boggling coding. It’s also easy to make changes to your content, design, and layout to keep your website up to date. 

Build a budget-friendly, quality website

Building a professional-looking website doesn’t have to cost you much. 

Most website builders offer free templates which incorporate website essentials. These include header and footer elements, an attractive homepage, and user-friendly navigation.  

And even if you get the paid package, it still costs less than hiring a web developer. If you must know, you can use a website builder for around $10 to $50 a month 

Meanwhile, it costs you $61 to $80 to pay a web developer hourly. You may also need to call them every now and then to do website revamps or updates, which means more expenses. 

Besides, don’t you think it’s better to DIY? You can build your website exactly the way you want it to be. 

Website builders also work best for freelancers, hobbyists, start-ups, and small businesses. When you’re just starting out, you want to spend your budget on other areas of your business, too. Using a website builder lightens this burden. 

Build your website in no time

Using a website builder speeds up your website completion, whether it’s a portfolio, startup, or ecommerce website.  

Because you don’t need to code anymore, you also don’t have to perform rigorous testing and bug fixes. The templates in website builders have already been coded to optimal performance. So, all you need to do is build your site, preview your edits, and click Publish! 

You may even have your website up in a day or two if you already have a well-put website plan. 

The faster you get your website up and running, the quicker you earn revenue. 

Get on-call support

Website builders are made for beginners. Having this in mind, providers offer them built-in support that you may contact 24/7.  

For quicker answers and solutions, they also have educational resources online that you may access anytime. 

This makes using a website builder more convenient. No need to face website issues on your own or to book an appointment with your web developer. 

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Build your website today 

With a platform like a website builder, it’s now easier for you to promote your business online. It doesn’t take time and energy to learn, it’s light on the budget, support is available, and results come in fast. 

There’s no reason anymore to be intimidated by the digital space. With the website builder, the space is now for everyone to enjoy. 

Take up your space now.