When the global pandemic struck, businesses had to shut down their physical operations. Those who didn’t have an online presence went downhill and crashed. Those who did, survived and thrived.  

So, how did the pandemic affect the way customers shop? By a ton!  

More than 50% of Australian consumers prefer to shop online. And if that wasn’t enough, they’re willing to spend more than $500 per month on online shopping. 

Getting your business online helps you stay globally competitive, reach more customers, lessen overhead expenses and labour, and keep your business open 24/7. 

Get Started on Your Online Journey 

We know getting online isn’t an easy undertaking. That’s why we’re determined to help you kickstart your online journey through the Your Business is Better Off Online campaign 

We’ve aired two real, raw, and gritty commercials that depict how crazy the real world is for businesses.


Aside from that, we’ve prepared huge discounts and free online courses just for you. Here are resources that can help you start easy and finish strong.  

Take free online courses  

Crazy Domains wants to help all small business owners, even the non-tech-savvies, to get started in their online journey. And what better way to do that than curating an entire library of free online courses? 

Enrol in Crazy Domains Online Academy to get access to a series of courses about launching a business website and building a solid online brand 

These three starter courses will help you transition your business online: 

Creating an Online Presence 

Whether you want a personal or business website, it’s time to shine on the web. Learn the three essentials you need to mark your spot in the online world. Take the course here. 

Getting Your Website Online 

Start your business off in the right direction. Take this course to know how to build a website with the right tools that suit your business’s needs. Enrol for free here. 

Creating Websites in Minutes 

You don’t need to be a pro at coding to create a website in Australia. This video course will help you build, launch, and maintain a website using our fool-proof Website Maker platform. Click here to start learning. 

Check out the entire suite of FREE online courses to help guide you through your online journey from start to finish.

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Secure your online essentials 


Domains serve as your identifier online — an online equivalent of your physical address. Customers use it to access your website on the internet 

It’s important to choose a memorable domain name that fits your brand. And along with a domain name, you need to pair it with the right domain extension.  

Locals trust domain extensions like com.au, .co.nzor .co.uk.  

But since .com is more popular, getting both domain extensions for your business can drive all traffic to your website.  

Web Hosting 

Web Hosting is the foundation you build your website on. It’s where you store your website files so visitors can easily access your site through their browsersWithout it, it’s impossible to get a website live on the internet 

There are different types of web hosting, which all offer different server resources. These include shared hosting, virtual private server hosting, and dedicated server hosting.  

When choosing the right web hosting plan, it’s imperative that you choose the one that suits your preferences and needs best. 


Now that you’ve secured your domain namestime to build a robust website. You can either DIY your website or get a team of web designers to do it for you.  

Whatever platform you wish to build your website with, ensure that it fits your business needs.  

Online Marketing Tools 

Don’t leave your website to the hands of the gods. Market the heck out of it so you can reach more customers. Drive as much traffic as you need by… 

  • Submitting your website on search engines 
  • Ranking high on search engine results  
  • Listing your business to different business directories (offline and online) 

We want to make things easier for youCheck out our well-tailored packages that can help you transition your business online seamlessly.  

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The online world is your oyster 

We can’t stress this enough — getting your business online isn’t just an option anymore, it’s a MUST. 

With more consumers preferring to shop online, you need to get to where your customers are. 

Don’t throw all your hard work down the bin. There’s so much more you can do to maximise the power of going digital.  

Ready to start your online journey? Check out our Resources page to get access to other helpful reading materials