These days, customers hold the freedom of choosing between competing businesses for products and services. For companies, a positive customer experience is crucial to stand out amidst competition and encourage more conversions. 

5 Reasons to Level Up Your Customer Experience 

About 47% of customers say they’ll stop buying from a company that delivers a subpar experience. This alone tells us the value of great customer experience. Here are five more reasons to get started with improving this aspect of your business.  

1. Foster customer satisfaction

Foster customer satisfaction

The dedication you put into customer experience will improve customer satisfaction.  

Focus on both the small interactions with customers, and also on the bigger picture as well. When you focus on the larger aspect, you apply consistency across the whole experience. 

Think on what you want to deliver and align your whole customer experience. With this in mind, you’ll be able to make sure you provide a positive experience across your customer service, tech support, sales, or accounts. 

2. Establish customer loyalty 

Good customer experience is unique for customers, something that they may not get from another company. When a customer recognises that quality, loyalty is established. And loyalty is built out of customer experiences that go beyond what consumers expect. 

3. Avoid customer churn 

The dreaded customer churn is when a customer ends their relationship with a company. What’s surprising is that customer churn isn’t caused by pricing but mostly of poor customer service. 

By focusing on customer experience, you’ll be able to identify areas in your business where there may be poor customer service. You can then work on a strong, consistent approach and make sure you don’t go below the standards you’ve set. 

4. More referrals 

More referrals

Happy customers are more likely to share their positive experiences with friends and family, as well as across social media and online forums. These referrals are very valuable for business, as referred customers have higher potential for retention. 

5. Improved revenue and sales 

Satisfied customers are more likely to spend more with the services or products you offer. Since they’re assured of your brand of service, they’re more likely to make repeat purchases and stay for the long run 

Investing in excellent customer experience is an integral part of any business strategy. It helps you win customer loyalty, repeat purchases, referrals, and more sales and revenue.  

Your business website plays a significant role in impacting customers experiences—which is why it’s crucial to create one that best suits your audience’s needs.  

Best Website Practices to Enhance Customer Experience  

The following are some of the best practices to deliver great customer experience through your online space: 

1. Optimise your website loading speed 

Optimise your website loading speed

As content gets more and more accessible thanks to technology, customers expect results fast when searching for products or services. Waiting endlessly for a website page to load can be the most frustrating experience for them, making them bounce quickly. 

One way of improving your website loading speed  is by compressing all your images before loading them onto your website. Huge image file size is one of the key causes of slow page speed.  

If you’re using stock images, try and edit the images to make them unique so that they stand out against the multiple other sites using the same pictures. 

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2. Offer robust customer support

Customer support is a key factor of customer satisfaction.  

If you want to up your support game through your website, consider using AI-powered chatbots to offer customer support for non-urgent queries.  

Chatbots make for a faster and more efficient way to offer live support and gather customer data from a database. 

3. Revisit your key interaction areas

Revisit your key interaction areas

Revisiting your key interaction areas or touchpoints helps you identify the areas that need improvement with regard to customer experience. 

Here are some of the main interaction areas you need to focus on: 

  • Website content 

Website content in the form of blog posts, infographics, and other materials play a crucial role in enhancing customer experience.  

Make sure to create engaging and informative long-form content on a regular basis as consistency is important in creating value for your customers. 

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  • Landing page 

A landing page is the first interaction a customer has with your website. This can make or break the buyer’s decision and influence their first impression of your brand 

Make your landing page engaging with compelling headlines that highlight the benefits you offer your audience. 

4. Highlight reviews and ratings

Online shoppers are always skeptical while making a purchase from a new brand—and that’s normal.  

To overcome this challenge, show your credibility by adding social proof in the form of customer reviews and user ratings. This helps build customer trust and boost conversion rates on your website. 

5. Make your website accessible from all devices 

Make your website accessible from all devices

Responsiveness is another essential aspect of website user experience. Mobile has changed how users browse the internet today. So, if your website doesn’t display well across all devices—whether on a desktop, smartphone, or tablet—you’ll likely lose potential customers.  

Make sure your website is responsive so visitors can get easy access to your website and products.  

6. Have strong and clear CTAs

Your website should have a clear call-to-action on every product page.  

If your objective is to get the customer to add your product to their cart, add clear CTA by including an Add to Cart button on the page. 

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Create a customer-friendly website  

The competition is high online. So if you fall short in delivering great customer experience, your business’ chances of surviving will likely be slim 

Never discount the importance of your website in the customer’s journey. Using the strategies outlined above, you can build an intuitive, clean, and easy-to-navigate website to set the right tone for excellent customer experience. 

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